Fraternity and sorority sponsor Puppy-Palooza

Freshman Dylan Childers pets a dog at Puppy-Palooza Sept. 22. This event helped raise money for the Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter.

The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta and brothers of Kappa Sigma hosted their first Puppy-Palooza at the UNA Memorial Amphitheater Sept. 22 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“I just hope to raise awareness for these dogs,” said Alpha Gamma Delta philanthropy chair Lindsey Carpenter.

Carpenter said a couple of dogs found homes, and the event raised over $200 in donations for the Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter.

Freshman Marlee Kimbrell said this event has lightened her mood this week.

“I just love being able to walk around with the dogs and get to be one-on-one with them and learn their personalities,” Kimbrell said.

The event attracted people walking to class and helped brighten their day, said freshman Kappa Sigma member Caylen Dempsey.

For two dogs at Puppy-Palooza, today was their last hope for adoption.

Sailor and Outlaw were supposed to be euthanized today if someone did not give them a home.

Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter employee Jeanie Poole said someone adopted Outlaw, and Sailor found a foster home.

The Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter is always seeking caring homes for the impounded animals, according to their website.

For more information on adoption, volunteering at the shelter and pet care information, visit