Florence offers new forms of fun

Summer is officially over, the excitement of going back to school has worn off and students are beginning to remember just how small of a town Florence can be.

For a lot of students, a typical Friday or Saturday night — if they are lucky enough to have a free weekend — is spent hanging out watching Netflix. But if they feel the urge to get out of their pajamas and leave the room, Florence has some new additions.

The first stop is Turbo Coffee. The small, one-room café is on Tennessee Street.

It has four tables and is the perfect place to go for a more secluded location. The menu may appear limited, but that’s because they take pride in making only the best. It’s a fun spot to spend a quiet afternoon watching traffic and sipping a mocha.

Second is Blank Comics on Wood Avenue.

Taking some of the stock that Pegasus Records left behind when it closed its doors April 16, the owners opened up a shop near Seven Points. It’s a perfect atmosphere to let one’s inner geek flourish. A vast array of comics fills the boxes — everything from Batman to the Labyrinth. They also offer music, merchandise and coffee from their own café. Customers can grab a board game, sit on the deck and talk nerd culture.

Last is Underground Art & Sound on Court Street.

If one doesn’t pay close attention, they might miss the arrow pointing to a stairwell that leads them underground to the music store. There, anyone can find records from every genre and every era of music, and the prices are generally reasonable.

I managed to find a few cast recordings of old Broadway shows for a few dollars each. They have several record players for sale, as well as band merchandise to wear or hang on walls. The owners are enthusiastic to talk about music, and they will introduce customers to some sounds they have never heard before.

There are also a number of other locations that are open or will be opening soon: Sky Zone, Escape Room and numerous restaurants and boutiques downtown. Students should pull away from their Stranger Things marathon and go explore.