Local band stands out

For those who love music, the community surrounding the university is an unexpected hotspot for up-and-coming artists.

Though the Shoals has been a notorious destination for musical talent in the past, in more recent times, Florence has begun to build its own musical reputation. Not only have numerous artists grown successful careers out of Florence, but many other local artists are well on their way.

OLDSPORT, a band of multiple UNA students, is one such group making a name for themselves.

OLDSPORT is truly a band unlike any other. Their concerts are far beyond just a musical experience; they present a much more interactive and unconventional approach to the concerts. Not only do they provide their audience with inspirational and powerful tunes, they also provide homemade grilled cheese sandwiches.

OLDSPORT’s concerts are one-of-a-kind ordeals. The lights switch off as a spot light scans the crowd. Soft music and anticipation fills the room as the band takes the stage. The scent of grilled cheese sweeps across the room adding a confusing, yet well-received, touch to the atmosphere.

The crowd pushes forward as lead singer, senior Jake Elliff, starts singing. Though the show begins in usual fashion, as it continues, the unconventionality of OLDSPORT reveals itself.

A musician throws a drum into the audience, and fans have the chance to drum along with the band. Elliff dangles from the rafters, making the hearts of everyone in the room skip a beat. As he falls back to the stage, the crowd parts, making way for Elliff as he flings himself from the stage into the crowd. The band even goes so far as to switch instruments with one another during their performance.

Their high energy, combined with their overwhelming passion for what they do, provides an unforgettable atmosphere.

Though not everyone may get to experience OLDSPORT’s live performances, they have been hard at work recording their debut release, “III.” They released the EP March 14, and it contains three songs, including their most popular song, “Humans.” Anyone can find the EP on all major music outlets, and is well worth a listen.