Photographer position offers ultimate fan experience

The players are out, pumped up and ready to go. They are ready to fight and win. Sweat rolls down each of their faces. It is time to run as fast as they can, hit as hard as they can, jump as high as they can.

The air is full of tension and excitement.

It’s game time.

But off to the side, all by it’s lonesome, sits a bench. A cold, sad bench — with only a few bottoms to keep it company.

Half the fun of college is the spirit. It’s what separates college from high school. In high school, everyone is there because they have to be. But, most everyone is in college because they want to be. School pride is the center of the college experience. That is what makes it fun.

As a photographer, it’s been my passion to attend UNA sports games. I’ve seen every single sport play and honestly, I’ve got the best seat in the world.

Being behind my camera game after game, I see the sweat rolling down Bilal Richardson’s face when he jumps to make the basket. I see the excitement of the girl’s volleyball team after a big win. I see the dirt fly up around Madeline Lee as she slides safely into home. I can feel the tension in the air when the game gets rough and the thrill when we knock the other team out.

But you don’t have to be in my seat to see all of that. By supporting our school’s teams, we’re supporting our community and remarkably talented people that are involved. Not to mention it’s a chance to get wild. Paint up, wear something purple, get a noisemaker, grab a hot dog or popcorn and enjoy the game.