Students demonstrate personal talents

The University of North Alabama has many talented students. Majority practice their talents within their majors, like music or art. Then there are those who use their talents just to have something to do during their spare time.

One talented student, junior Kijana Mitchell, told the story of a self-portrait on her residence hall room’s door, titled, “We’re Worth It.” The inspiration behind this drawing was self-love. The mind, spirit and personality are what make a person special, not looks.

“Since February was around the corner, I wanted anyone who passed my door to see this photo and know that whoever they were at that moment was enough,” Mitchell said. “Society might belittle them, a man or friend in their life might belittle them, but the purpose of my door was to symbolize that (women) don’t need validation from anyone.”

Junior Emily Jones uses chalk as her artistic outlet. She is currently working on a piece called “Light.”

“It is part of a series I’m working on that shows my interest in the way light is manipulated,” she said.

Senior Miranda McAfee uses music as her creative outlet.

Music, and how it works, is a very interesting topic, said McAfee, who has been a musician for 12 years.

“Music is something that can be shared with people,” she said.

McAfee said she shares her music as a member of the Shoals Symphony and Quartet.

Music and art can be a way of life for some students. Practicing these talents can one day take their skills to the next level. No matter what happens in life, music and art will be a skill these students will have forever.