Critical language partner returns to classroom

by News Editor Anna Beahm

A previous article in The Flor-Ala stated critical language partner Abdullah Al Wafi was fired, but he was only suspended while charges for his arrest were pending.

Director of the Center for Critical Languages Craig Christy said the Student Conduct Board does not hold Al Wafi responsible for the charges he was arrested for.

“I was advised that (Director of Student Conduct Kim) Greenway said that he had been found not responsible, and he was therefore freed to resume his job as a student worker, which had been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation,” Christy said. “My overall understanding of the situation was that it was a misunderstanding from A to Z.”

University officials two weeks ago removed Al Wafi from the classroom following his arrest on a domestic violence charge last month, officials said.

Christy said between finding a replacement and Al Wafi’s clearance, only one class meeting was held.

“I was sleeping when the police came,” Al Wafi said. “My wife did not have a key to our new house. I was sleeping inside, and I didn’t wake up when she called. She got upset and called the police. The police came and arrested me. I did not know what was going on.”

Al Wafi said he thinks the arrest occurred from a misunderstanding.

Municipal court officials said Al Wafi’s court date is March 15. There the court will decide whether or not to uphold or drop his charges.