by News Editor Anna Beahm

Heath Lemay, Mallory Hayes, Alex Gould and Mason Royal will be on the ballot for SGA Treasurer.

All candidates for treasurer have noted their accounting experience. Enrolling in Accounting III by their first semester in office is required for the treasurer position.

Gould, a freshman, said his experience as Freshman Forum Treasurer, his experience assisting current Treasurer McCollum with the SGA endowed scholarship and his youth will help him benefit students if elected.

“Giving back to the students is my biggest priority, and with great fundraising and a great budget I can give them [the students] just that in the forms of scholarships and university events,” said Gould

Gould described himself as “ambitious.”

Royal, a sophomore, said his experience as a member of his fraternity’s executive council makes him a good candidate for SGA executive.

“I want to be more visible with the money SGA spends and make sure students know where the money is going,” Royal said.

He promised students a biweekly report of Senate in addition to hard work and dedication.

He said “objective” was the one word that best described him.

Hayes, a junior, said her passion for accounting and experience from her parent’s small business qualifies her for SGA Treasurer.

“If elected, I would work vigorously for students,” said Hayes, who noted that all students pay tuition so all students should know where their money goes.

“Trustworthy,” is the word that Hayes believes describes her well.

Lemay, a sophomore, said he believes his experience as a member of the Budget Oversight Committee and his assistance to the IFC treasurer in preparing IFC’s first budget qualify him for the position of Treasurer.

“I will strive to do my absolute best for this university,” Lemay said. “I will work as hard as I possibly can for the students.”

Lemay described himself as “ambitious.”