Students and NRA members discuss gun laws

Students complete their National Rife Association membership cards while talking NRA Grassroots Coordinator Natasha Montague. Students could become members of the NRA for free at the event. 

Students gathered in the Guillot University Center banquet hall to learn and ask questions about gun laws and legislation today at a College Republicans-hosted event.

National Rifle Association Grassroots Coordinator Natasha Montague spoke on national, local and campus gun laws and shared more information about gun safety.

“(We should) punish criminals, not law-abiding citizens,” Montague said.

She said the goal of the NRA is to increase education about gun safety and regulations and reduce gun-related crime.

“Guns (are) involved in 0.4 percent of accidental deaths,” she said. “Accidental (gun) deaths are down 94 percent since 1904 and down 95 percent among children since 1975.”

About 20 students attended the event.

Freshman Justin Daniel said he supports Americans having their own guns but wants to learn more about what laws really say.

“I just wanted to get the truth and get the facts so I could have the full story,” Daniel said. “But I do think there needs to be policies in place to restrict (gun laws).”