Student photography offers interesting perspective on campus events

Being a photographer is quite an experience. Not only do you have many challenges and rewards that come along with the job, but it also changes your perspective about people, places and the community.

Since I’ve picked up a camera, my focus has been on the environment that surrounds me. At events, I’m now less focused on the event and more focused on the people that are a part of it.

One example of this would be a sports game. As a sports fan, I get caught up in the excitement. My focus is on the team winning. However, when I go into a game to take photos, I allow myself to focus on the emotions of the crowd. I focus on how the players verbally and nonverbally communicate with each other. I see the reactions of the coach and team. It is such an eye-opening experience.

Another example would be when I attend a service or community event. When people are a part of the team that is packing bags of food for those that may need it or rowing a giant dragon boat down the Tennessee River, their focus is on the task at hand. As a photographer, I get to see the big picture. I get to see a community coming together to help others. It really is rewarding.

When I get to photograph UNA community events, I can step back and realize how interconnected we all are. It makes me feel at home. It makes me feel like the community at UNA is my family. I would have never realized how much a camera could impact my perspective of what’s going on around me. It’s honestly such a blessing.