Snow Globe


Anything can be the focus of the snow globe. Students can find most of the necessary items around the house, or they can buy them for a low price at the store.


Empty jar with lid


Hot glue gun




1 copy of The Flor-Ala

First, wash the lid and jar. If there are any stickers or labels, remove them.

Second, place The Flor-Ala on a counter top. The newspaper will catch any mess.

Third, use the hot glue gun to glue the figurine inside the lid. Place a small amount of glue on the lid and press down firmly for 10 seconds. Let the figurine set for an hour.

Fourth, coat the bottom of the jar with glitter and fill with water.

Fifth, screw the lid into the jar once the glue has set.

Finally, tie the ribbon around the base.

Tip: Do not add any more glitter after the water. The glitter will clump together and look disgusting.

Total Cost: $8.59