UNA Greek event promote healthy lifestyles for men

David Hagan gives a presentation on how to lead a successful life as college aged men. He addressed health issues such as anxiety, stress, nutrition, exercise and sleep habits.

Interfraternity Council hosted an event Oct. 20 promoting good health habits for college men.

David Hagan spoke about sustainable health at the event. Hagan said he travels to colleges across the country encouraging men to live healthy lifestyles.

“I guarantee you the lifestyle you are living right now is not sustainable,” he said. “You may be pulling it off because you are young, but let me tell you something, it won’t work when you’re older.”

Students need to exercise for 30 to 45 minutes four to five days a week, sleep for at least eight hours per night and eat a balanced diet, he said. He also discussed the challenges students often have working these things into their schedules.

IFC President Cullen Akin said he thinks it is important for college students to learn and sustain health, especially while in college.

“I feel like we have a lot of health challenges going at this age, whether it is mental or physical, and I want our men to get something out of what David said,” he said.

“A lot of us were tested tonight, but it won’t stop here. My hope is that our brothers will continue to talk about this, and that we keep each other accountable.”

Freshman Chandler Simmons said he enjoyed Hagan’s honesty about health issues.

“It was a huge wakeup call to a lot of people,” Simmons said. “Many of the things he said people don’t focus on. It was great to have somebody like him to come talk to us and make those points.”

Hagan said the choices college students make in their lives right now determine the outcome of their futures. These choices affect mental, physical and spiritual health.

“If you just give your personal best and do these simple concepts, then you are promising yourself a better future,” he said. “If you’re making good choices, then it will make your life go in the right direction, if you make wrong choices, it will be just the opposite.”

Despite the stress and challenge of college, he said students should strive for these goals.

“Stress, sleep difficulties and anxiety are the three top reasons why college students struggle academically,” he said.

Hagan said that healthy habits can also contribute to positive decisions. He said to make these habits a top priority in everyday life.

“It takes 30 days to create a habit, but six months to have a lifestyle change,” he said.

Students can find help managing time stress or health through the University Success Center. The center provides free counseling, tutoring and time management services for students, according to UNA’s website.

Sophomore Graham Powell enjoyed what Hagan had to say.

“This has to be the best presentation I’ve ever heard,” Powell said. “For IFC to find a guy like this is awesome. It is such a great thing IFC has done, and it was put together very well.”

Freshman Anna Elliot did not go to the event, but hopes there are more.

“It is important to have events encouraging good lifestyles,” she said. “College students like us need to learn about how to be healthy. I would definitely go to one if there are more in the future.”