Shoals area offers part-time work

Students are always looking for places to snag a job, especially those that are new to the area. Fall is a great time to search for jobs around town since holiday and seasonal work become more available. Seasonal job hunting makes finding a job easier, at least for some time. Stores like Rue 21, Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters and others are about to begin hiring for the hustle and bustle of Black Friday sales.

I often hear students complain there are not any jobs around Florence, and that puzzles me because even from simply going to stores I frequent, I have seen places that are hiring. Most of these locations work well with student schedules, which is a benefit for anyone trying to juggle school, work and time with RSOs.

However, one of the most common excuses I hear from people who are “looking” for a job but have not found one is the position does not work well with their schedule. Places around this area seem to be very considerate of the idea of an employee having a school schedule, because this is a college town. Currently, places like Big Lots, Sam’s Sports Grill and Dollar Tree are hiring for at least part-time positions. These positions promote the idea of having a flexible schedule.

I went to a few restaurants and places around town and inquired about whether or not they were hiring. Rachel Milwee, who works at Sam’s Sports Grill, said they were “pretty much always hiring.” Serving positions are great for this time of year because football brings in many customers who drink a lot of beer. Beer tends to influence attitude, meaning an employee might get a nice tip, depending on who wins the game.

If food service does not sound like an ideal job, a slower-paced position somewhere like Rite Aid, or working in retail, might be a better fit. These alternative locations are usually hiring. For students interested in the medical field, pharmacies often need technicians with previous work experience, as well. The best times to job hunt are just before the very beginning and very end of semesters, as many employees are graduating and moving away to start their careers.