Student Government seeks campus input

On behalf of the Student Government Association here at the University of North Alabama, I would like to welcome you to what is going to be a fantastic year! This upcoming year will be a special year for the campus and its students. You are coming to UNA at a time when the campus is growing in vitality and promise.

This semester, you will be part of a college campus that is welcoming a new university president. Also, you will have the opportunity to utilize new buildings that will be opening on campus such as two new residence halls and a new science and technology building. SGA looks forward to helping you this year to make sure you have the best college experience possible.

I can tell this is going to be a remarkable year because I have already seen the willpower and desire that your SGA representatives have to make this campus better. They have worked diligently to map out five significant goals for the year:

1. Improve Campus Beautification and Navigation

2. Create a Premier College Town

Experience in the Shoals Area

3. Enhance and Celebrate Campus Diversity

4. Increase Collaboration and Visibility of Student Government Operations

5. Develop Opportunities for Educational Funding

It is very important for all students to know how SGA operates and what their SGA can do for them. SGA is divided into four branches: Executive Council, Senate, University Program Council and Freshman Forum.

The Executive Council is made up of your officers for the upcoming year (President, Vice President of Senate, Vice President of UPC, Treasurer and Secretary).

The Senate branch is the legislative body of SGA and will be dealing directly with your concerns as students.

UPC is the programming branch of SGA and will be planning concerts, movies, tailgating and many of the other events you will hopefully be participating in throughout the year.

Freshman Forum is our branch made up of all freshmen and serves as the voice for the freshman class.

Remember, it is important for us to have input from our students on issues we need to address on campus. You have members of SGA all around you in various settings in the campus community. Take time to get to know these students and allow them to be your voice throughout the rest of this year.

Once again, we are thrilled to have you here with us at this wonderful university and I am excited to lead the student body at a time when the campus is bursting with positive energy and experiencing so many astounding changes. Please feel free to stop by the SGA offices on the first floor of the GUC to voice your concerns as a student. I look forward to hearing from you throughout the year!