Unpack the Pride

Volunteers from Unpack the Pride help incoming freshmen move belongings into Mattielou Hall. Freshman move-in day was Aug. 14. Volunteers moved other freshmen into Rivers Hall until the construction of Olive Hall is complete in December.

The fall semester has quickly come upon us, and everyone is trying to get back into the flow of school being in session.

No more staying up late with friends or going on vacation with family, even though most of us were working during the summer.

Freshmen are finally settling into Rivers Hall and the new residence hall, Mattielou, which just opened for the 2015-2016 school year.

Every year the freshmen get more and more creative in turning their rooms into homes. For the months between August and May, this will be their new place to grow and be happy.

Some freshmen are the only children in their families or the first to go to college, which are both situations that can cause them to feel overwhelmed leaving home for campus life.

Students were coming from near and far just to be a part of this wonderful university.

Move-in day can be bittersweet. Students make new friends, but they also have to adjust to college life and the responsibilities it brings.

Move-in day is officially the day freshmen become adults. Mommy and daddy are not going to be there to wake them up or hold their hands.

My advice to the incoming freshmen is this: Enjoy the ride because before you know it you will be out in the “real” world.

Once they adapt to these changes, these four years of their lives will be crazy and possibly tearful, but most of all amazing.