Writer shares tips for college success

College is filled with anticipation, anxiety and balancing academic courses. The experience is life-changing and requires time management and appropriate scheduling.

UNA provides students with a variety of free resources, such as counseling and free mathematics and writing services.

“Freshmen should take advantage of any free help or available resources on campus,” said junior sociology major Kirstine Woods. “Teachers in high school say college is different, and it is. Schedules can get hectic.”

Time management is an important factor when starting college. Balancing classes, study time and recreational activities can be difficult, however Director of the Mathematics Learning Center Marlow McCullough said students should always attend class and be responsible.

Woods said she encourages freshmen to manage their time wisely.

“To be a successful student at UNA, time management is crucial for success,” McCullough said. “Your classes need to be your No. 1 priority. Students should organize their time around their priorities.”

UNA provides a Success Center, which helps students progress through academic classes. The Center offers mentoring services, career planning and tutoring services for students.

“It’s important to seek help early if you need it,” McCullough said. “There is an unlimited supply of free help available.”

Assistant Director of the Center for Writing Excellence Kathleen Richards said academic resources can be helpful to all students.

“Students think only bad writers come to the writing center,” Richards said. “That’s not the case. We have fantastic writers come to the writing center and everything in between.”

Using a planner or the calendar on your smartphone is a simple, yet effective way to manage your time. Marking assignment due dates in your calendar is a great way to keep up with homework, Richards said.

“Being aware of scheduling time and writing down class times and assignments is important for success,” Richards said.

Amy Goodman, a writing consultant for the Center for Writing Excellence, said a lot of the services, targeted toward freshmen, can help all students.

“We especially want freshmen to come into the Writing Center so they can establish a good learning foundation,” Goodman said. “By establishing studying habits and critical learning skills early on, students can further their career and work life.”

Senior running back Lamonte’ Thompson said he encourages students to get to know their professors.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Thompson said. “They are here to help you.”

UNA has many free learning resources available for students, but the students must take advantage of these resources in order for them to be effective.