Car awaits owner’s return while claiming 2 UNA parking spaces

Lonely car waits for owner’s return

Missing: February 2015

Make: Hyundai

Model: Elantra

Color: Silver

Missing from: UNA Parking Lot Z

The car was abandoned late February 2015. The bewildered, lonely Elantra haphazardly parked itself in two parking spaces in UNA Lot Z, behind Appleby East and West apartments. It has several distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the other cars frequently parked in Lot Z. The left front bumper is partially detached, giving the car a solemn frown when viewed from the front. Despite the car’s droopy bumper, a bright yellow smiley face air freshener hangs from the rear view mirror, giving the car a false sense of contentment and peace. It does not have many personal possessions. Only a stray Sonic cup, crumpled fast food bag and lantern are inside the car. The lonely Elantra has chosen to make UNA Lot Z its home until its rightful owner rescues it from the perils of weather, student harassment and parking tickets. The UNA Police Department ticketed the car last week for no valid parking permit.