Second police chief candidate visits UNA

The second candidate for the chief of police position arrived to campus April 29.

Kevin Gillilan, current chief  for University of Pittsburg school systems, presented “Philosophy of Campus Policing” to a room of faculty, staff and students.

Gillilan has been a sworn member of the law enforcement community for 20 years, with 15 years of supervisory service and seven years of campus policing.

He said he wants to build relationships with members of the campus community.

“Police need to be invested in a campus and make sure it’s secure,” he said. “The campus community deserves input in the policing process.”

Being visible to students and staff is a top priority for Gillilan, he said.

“Police need to be visible to respond to crime but also to reduce the fear of crime,” he said. “Parents and students both need to see visible presence of officers for those reasons.”

Gillilan is originally from Gadsden. His wife and four daughters live in Birmingham.