Staff writer offers Life Hacks for end of semester drag

To share a pint of ice cream with a friend without using a bowl, cut the pint in half. Grab two spoons and enjoy. 

Face it, college is tough. We could all use help sometimes, so here are some handy life hacks that may simplify your life.

1. Planning on splitting a pint of ice cream with a friend and do not want to dirty bowls? Using a sharp knife, cut the pint, with the lid still on, straight down the middle from top to bottom.

2. What’s better than ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie? Probably not much. If getting messy fingers while dipping that delicious cookie seems like a bad idea, try putting a fork between the chocolate cookie layers.

3. This life hack is for students who would not put washing dishes on their list of fun things to do. When eating Chips Ahoy, Oreos or any other cookie that comes in a plastic divider sleeve, remove the cookies from one section and pour the milk right in.

4. When heating two bowls at the same time is a problem, take a coffee mug, turn it upside down and place it in the microwave. Place one bowl on top of the mug and the other beside it.

5. Reheating cold pizza? Place a glass with a small amount of water in the microwave along with your plate of pizza. This will keep the crust from getting chewy.

6. How about a taco on the go? Open a bag of Doritos and place taco toppings you prefer inside the bag and shake. The only dirty dish will be a fork. If a chili cheese pie is more to your liking, open a bag of Fritos and fill it with chili, hot dogs and cheese.

7. Speaking of chips, next time a bag is opened, roll the bottom inwards towards the center. Keep rolling until the chips reach the top. The result is a wonderful chip bowl.

8. Go to the Google browser and type “site:edu [subject] exam”. Dozens of sites with published exams will available at your fingertips.

9. Another helpful Google site is The site houses resourceful information to use when writing a paper as well as sources to cite.

10. When writing one of those many papers we all will tackle in college, and creative word choice is a problem, try It is better than a thesaurus.

11. Needing a little help with math? Equations a problem? Head over to This site will you give the steps and answer to just about any math problem.