First candidate for police chief visits UNA

UNA students, staff and faculty welcomed potential Chief of Police John McCall to campus Monday, April 27.

McCall is the current chief for Troy University campuses.

He presented a speech entitled “Ideals of Campus Law Enforcement,” in which he outlined five definite attributes a college police chief must possess.

1) Be visible and recognizable on campus

2) Administer educational opportunities for students

3) Be involved in campus activities

4) Provide alternatives to traditional discipline

5) Provide traditional services to students

McCall is Run, Hide, Fight certified — a program meant to create awareness of what to do during a mass shooting, he said.

He said student safety and interaction will be one of his main concern if chosen for the position.

“If you’re a police officer for me, you’re going to interact with and get to know the needs of students,” he said.

He is the first of three candidates set to visit UNA for the position.