Experience key to Hayes’ success as UNA SGA Treasurer

For some people, the opportunity to serve is also an opportunity to practice for a future career.

Junior Mallory Hayes won the runoff election for SGA Treasurer by a vote of 238 to 215, defeating freshman Alex Gould.

Hayes is an accounting major and plans to pursue a master’s degree in business management after completing her bachelor’s degree. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the Presidential Mentors Academy, and currently serves as SGA’s UPC Pro-Tempore.

“I am eager to get started in my position and to continue to speak to the students about different needs on campus,” Hayes said. “I anticipate in collaborating with the newly-elected SGA executive branch for activities for a successful school year.”

Current Treasurer and UPC Vice President-elect Adam McCollum said one piece of advice will help Hayes as she enters the position.

“Get a system that works for you to keep things organized and that is understandable for all students,” McCollum said.

Hayes said she plans to grow the SGA endowed scholarship partly by repeating the Drive for the Pride fundraising event because of its success last year.

Hayes said she also plans to plan a fundraising event for UNA alumni as well an event that collaborates with local businesses and restaurants.

She said the time she spent campaigning for SGA treasurer is her favorite part of her UNA experience.

“I got to really know the student body,” she said. “A big thanks (goes) to the student body for electing me as SGA treasurer.”

Fellow SGA members praised the experience Hayes brings the to position.

“I think she will be wonderful,” said UPC Delegate Rebecca Logsdon. “She has a lot of experience and a passion to deal with money. She’s well suited for the job.”

Having the former SGA treasurer on the executive council next year will also be an asset for Hayes’ success, said member Alex Hughes.

“I think Mallory is certainly qualified for the position,” said member Alex Hughes. “With the precedent Adam has set, he will be valuable to her.”