Local pizzeria serves Italian classics at college-friendly price

Primo’s Pizza

About 10 minutes from campus is a pizza paradise in Florence known as Primo’s Pizzeria. Since pizza is a typical meal at my house on any given day of the week, I decided to give the restaurant a try.

I entered the establishment through the double doors and was immediately greeted by the smells of garlic and marinara sauce. The friendly staff welcomed me with a smile and asked to take my order.

Having never tried their particular Italian fare, I decided to stick with what I knew and ordered two types of pizzas I normally order at other places. For $24.99 I ordered the Primo’s Family Special consisting of a Meat Lovers specialty pizza and a two-topping Canadian bacon and pineapple.

While waiting for my pizzas to cook, I strolled through the restaurant. The brown walls were decorated with pictures of mobsters, and standing guard in the rear was a life-sized Godfather himself. The establishment also houses an old, wooden phone booth in the back for patrons to experience what it must have been like to make a call from a box.

After approximately 15 minutes, my pizzas were ready. I gathered my order and headed to my car. The wonderful aroma of the food was torturous during my nearly 40-minute drive home. When I finally made it to my house and was able to peer at my delectable dinner, I was not disappointed. The pizzas were both cut into 16 slices, which was plenty to feed my small crowd of four. The cheese was melted and slightly browned, just how I like it.

When I took my first bite of the Meat Lovers, I was instantly happy with my decision to order this style of pizza. It was topped with plenty of meat toppings, and the crust was cooked to perfection. Comparing Primo’s crust to Pizza Hut’s pan-style crust, I would say I liked this crust more because of its crispiness. The Canadian bacon and pineapple did not disappoint either. The pineapple was juicy, and the bacon was crisp. I was also glad I had accepted the free garlic butter sauce offered to me at the restaurant. This garlic butter sauce was comparable to Papa John’s sauce and perfect to dip the crispy crust in.

Primo’s offers plenty of other options on the menu, including pastas, strombolis, paninis and desserts.

Having spent a lot of money on pizzas at other restaurants, I feel like my purchase was a good value at $24.99. Two pizzas cut into 32 slices and a two-liter drink offers a lot of bang for the buck. The short distance from campus also makes it a good choice for lunch, and the nighttime delivery service makes it perfect for those late-night exam study sessions. With finals looming overhead, I suggest giving Primo’s Pizzeria a call.