Best campus locales to get some shut-eye

While some students choose to catch up on sleep during their classes, UNA has several other viable napping options around campus.

With the springtime sunshine, a new napping trend has emerged in the form of Eno hammocks. Enos are the brightly colored, hang-it-up-anywhere, human-shaped slings that are popping up around the country and the campus. One of the prime places to hang one is in the trees surrounding the Memorial Amphitheater.

If no hammock is available, there are other outdoor options. Though probably less comfortable without proper preparations, there are the benches, the ground beneath the trees or even a picnic table. These outdoor options provide shade, and students can be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the fountain or Leo’s roar.

In the event of poor weather or a psychotic pastor, Collier Library provides a quiet atmosphere and a roof. While primarily used for cramming, the library can offer a place to rest on one of its various couches or chairs. If students are worried about being judged for sleeping in the lobby, the second and third floors provide less scrutiny and more privacy.

Sophomore Casey Wright said the couches on the reading section floor are a comfortable option.

“Depending on how many people are in there, it’s sometimes better to nap in your car,” she said.

If students prefer the smell of chicken to soothe them to sleep, The Commons’ couches are available. However, The Commons is a higher traffic area, so it may not be

as peaceful.

If you absolutely have to sleep during class, here are a few tips:

1. Wear a hat that can be pulled over your eyes as if you are looking at

your desk.

2. Prop yourself up with your nondominant hand so you can still hold your pencil as if you are writing.

3. Auditorium classes work best for sleeping sitting up due to their high-backed, padded chairs.

4. Finally, if caught, simply raise your head slowly and say, “Amen.”