Gallups discusses future plans as UNA SGA Senate VP

Changes are expected to come to SGA Senate next year as a new face takes lead of the organization.

Sophomore Nicole Gallups won the runoff for Vice President of Senate, receiving 262 of the 429 votes cast. She defeated opponent Mitch Byrd.

Gallups, a cell and molecular biology, and general chemistry major, plans to attend medical school after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. But, she said she still has big plans for her remaining time at UNA.

“Students should see an increase in more diversity among the Senate body,” Gallups said. “With this diversity I hope to see more senators reaching out to more underrepresented students.”

Gallups said she is currently working on legislation to make campus friendlier toward international students.

She is a member of the Honors Society, American Chemical Society and Phi Mu, and currently serves on the Senate Student Welfare Committee.

Current Senate Vice President Nick Lang, SGA President-elect, said as Gallups comes into the position, two factors will make her successful.

“It’s very important as vice president just to be organized and to keep the morale of your senators up throughout the whole year,” Lang said. “Let them know they’re doing good work and how important they are.”

Lang said Gallups’ has shown her ability to serve in the position throughout the year as a senator.

“She’s a hard worker, and she’s very organized,” he said. She pays very good attention to detail and has done a very good job as a senator, making sure students’ voices are heard.”

Gallups said her proudest moment in SGA was being the co-author of the gender-neutral bathroom resolution.

“I feel like the aim of the Senate should be to represent everyone — whether they are a majority or a minority,” she said. “Getting the student body behind a bill that pushes our campus in a positive direction is one of my favorite memories.”

Gallups has a lot of passion for making UNA a better place, yet she loves it as it is, said senator Mollie Schaefer, who serves on the Student Welfare Committee and co-authored the gender-neutral bathrooms resolution.

“She thinks about every detail, and she’ll try to picture something from a lot of different angles,” Schaefer said. “She’s willing to invest her time to get things done.”

Gallups described herself as a science nerd, but said she developed a passion for art while working at the Birmingham Museum of Art during high school

She named Kerry James Marshall her favorite artist.