Meet the next UNA SGA president: Lang pledges to keep students first

SGA President-elect Nick Lang calls a Senate meeting to order in January. Lang, current vice president of Senate, defeated Freshman Forum Adviser Maurice Mull for the 2015-16 president position.

The next SGA president believes in an Abraham Lincoln style of government — “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

President-elect Nick Lang, a junior, said he wants to make sure every student’s voice is heard.

“What I do as SGA president relies on the students,” Lang said. “It’s what they want. I would like to see those things I want to go through, but if the students come to us and say that something is a problem, that’s what we’ll work on.”

Lang attended the Fee Structure Committee meeting March 13. This committee evaluates students’ tuition and fees every few years to ensure the fees are appropriate for students, Lang said.

“What I’m doing there is checking in with them to see the student aspect,” he said. “If there’s something that’s brought up that they want me to ask the students, that’s what I’m going to do. I can’t promise that any of the fees will go up or down, but I can promise that what students want is going to be told to administration in the best of my ability.”

Student opinion is very important, Lang said. He plans to continue reaching out to many groups on campus as he did during his campaign.

“I see campaigning as just the start,” he said. “I see myself going to the groups that I went and campaigned to and the different student groups all over campus and asking them if there are any problems we need to improve and how they feel things are going on campus.”

Senate Pro-Tempore Sarah Emerson said SGA will be the most student-driven it has ever been under Lang’s leadership.

“Nick is going to be a great president, not only because of his passion and leadership, but because of his drive,” she said.

A true extrovert, Lang majors in sociology and plans to continue his education by getting a master’s degree

“Sociology is the study of peoples’ behavior in groups,” he said. “I’m going into higher education and administration for grad school, so I think those things kind of connect — studying people and going to work with people.”

Lang is an Arab native and has three siblings, one of whom is his twin brother, Syd.

Lang graduated from Arab High School ranking seventh out of 167 students in his class. He played football and basketball in high school but says basketball is his favorite sport.

UNA was the only university he visited before making the final decision on where he would attend college.

“I liked the environment,” he said. “I knew it wasn’t too big, but big enough for me. My LaGrange Society tour guides were super nice. It just felt like home.”

Lang said he waited until he completed his freshman year to get heavily involved on campus, but he did join Sigma Chi fraternity that year.

“SGA was always something I was interested in,” he said. “I had all my friends’ input. But they didn’t want to go say anything about it so I was like, ‘I’m going to become a senator in SGA, and I’m going to be able to speak for the students.’”

Lang served as an SGA senator during his sophomore year, and is the current vice president of senate.

“I think Nick will do a great job as president,” said current SGA president KeKoria Greer. “He really proved himself as the vice president of senate. He really has a heart for university and students.”

Greer said Lang did a great job working with her to ensure student opinion was heard about the many pieces of legislation passed this year.

“I was a tour guide for the LaGrange society and I loved giving tours, but I wanted to do something that would impact the students,” Lang said.

SGA is not the only way Lang is involved on campus. He serves as the recruitment chair for Sigma Chi, student director over community service on campus, LaGrange Society member, and was a parent ambassador for the 2014 SOAR team.

“I’m just really passionate about being involved here,” Lang said. “I wasn’t that involved in high school, but when I got here I decided I wanted to make a difference for the school and for myself, too.”

Lang said he enjoys being outdoors and hanging out with friends, but his busy schedule does not allow time for many personal hobbies.

“I’m very involved with my fraternity, like helping new members find out like what they want to do,” he said. “I like to define it as a hobby. I know that’s not what people would say is a hobby.”