The tavern

Katy Billings
The Tavern
The Chicago cafe owners Tyler Ross and Matt Henderson have expanded their food expertise to a building next door called the Tavern. They opened on February 5th with a vision to create a place where artists and musicians could hang out, enjoy a funky atmosphere, get to know each other, and enjoy some ‘gourmet street food’. 
An odd twist on this restaurant is that there will be no live music played at their restaurant. They have one juke box that contains local music, and that is how it will remain. 
“I wanted a place where artists could go and talk, most restaurants try to flip their tables and get their guests in and out. Nothing makes me happier than seeing guests come in and stay all night, enjoying each other’s company,” Ross says. 
They are going for a ‘unique funky rustic medieval’ vibe according to Ross and their prices are reasonable with their highest item being $9. They also have great lunch specials they are working on as well as a happy hour. They have started slow with minimal advertising, they don’t want to cause a big bang, they’d rather keep quiet and let their business expand based off good word of mouth. If you’re looking for a $2 PBR or a craft beer from California, they cover the bases. 
Ross says, “a woman was in here and she even told me, ‘I don’t feel like I’m in Florence, Alabama’, and that’s what I’m going for.”