Florence burger joint excites residents taste buds

Burger Depot

Shoals residents looking for a local, greasy burger joint need look no further than Burger Depot on Florence Boulevard.

The drive-thru only location opened Jan. 5, serving specialty burgers, hot dogs, wings and tacos. I decided to taste-test The Depot Burger, a standard bacon cheeseburger with the depot’s “signature sauce,” a Taco Dog and fries.

After returning to my dorm room with my food, I unwrapped the classic white paper bag to begin my greasy adventure. Beginning with the burger, the flavor was perfect. The obvious fresh vegetables perfectly combated the greasy bun. Unfortunately, the bacon seemed undercooked and there was not enough sauce to determine the signature flavors. While I was initially disappointed the patty was previously frozen, I quickly realized the error of

my judgment.

My trip to Burger Depot was on a cold, rainy day, and my fries were mostly cold when I returned to my room. It was evident, however, the fries are comparable to McDonald’s, though less salty. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the fries were perfect despite the temperature.

The Taco Dog was a blast of greasy flavor, and gave my tummy that comfort food feel. The cheese and chili slathered atop a fluffy bun and all-beef hotdog sent me spiraling back into my childhood when hotdogs were equivalent to a gourmet meal. The flavor is not unusual — it actually reminded me of Burger Depot’s trashy brethren, Krystal’s. I approximate three Taco Dogs would cure any severe hangover.

Overall, I would give Burger Depot three out of five stars as an establishment. A combo of burger, fries and drink is just under $7, about the same price as any fast food chain in town.

Since visiting the establishment, I heard their desserts set them apart from other local fast food restaurants.

This business is still working out the kinks of their menu and service, and I have every intention of returning to try the Philly cheesesteak or Traditional Wings.