Science building nears completion

As Student Writer Isaac Norris and I left our tour of the new science building, we talked about the aesthetics, new equipment and increased space for faculty, staff and students.

We agreed the building seemed like it was from another planet — certainly not something one could find at UNA. It is accurate to say I was impressed.

The scent of fresh paint and sawdust filled the air, while the view of plastic wrap and the occasional tool box indicated the building had reached the final stages of construction.

The tour was the highlight of a rainy Friday. I was happy to know UNA students will learn in an environment that is appropriate for them — one that is professional, of quality and up-to-date.

A site like the new science building might not be so special to students at other larger universities. The facility might even look familiar, similar to others on their campuses. But, UNA students deserve the same opportunities as students anywhere.  

This addition to campus is the greatest improvement I have seen during the last four years.