Fellow senators label UNA SGA next secretary ‘hard-working’

SGA’s 2015-16 Secretary Jensen Joiner defeated Sarah Green 453-440.

Transparency is always a hot topic during SGA election season.

Upcoming senior Jensen Joiner, SGA Secretary-elect, said he plans to make SGA more transparent by supplying a newsletter to all students.

“The goal of my newsletter is to make a copy of everything available to students,” Joiner said.

He said he wants to make the monthly newsletter available to students via email and SGA’s website, and in paper form. The newsletter would include summaries of bills passed and discussions held within SGA.

“I want to stick with my newsletter, but at the same time I want to work with our committee,” Joiner said. “For example, if student welfare wants to set up a table to help gather student opinion, I would help them.”

Junior Kahri Bolden praised Joiner’s idea for keeping students informed.

“I feel like if we’re going to change something, people need to be aware of things that are changing in our world — UNA’s world,” Bolden said.

Junior Destiny Cole said it is important for students to know what SGA is doing and suggested the organization provide paper copies in the GUC and The Commons.

“You just look at your email, see what it is, see who it is and then don’t ever look at it again,” Cole said.

“If you send it out in an email, they’re just going to say this is another junk thing and never look at it,” Cole said.

Joiner said he is open to any ideas from students that can help him increase transparency.

Joiner defeated SGA Chief of Staff Sarah Green 453-440 in last week’s elections.

Green said Joiner’s campaign platform — accountability — will be key to his success in the position.

“I think he will do a great job staying accountable to the students, and that’s what will push him to do well,” she said.

Current SGA Secretary Sam Satterfield said as Joiner comes into the position his advice is to keep putting in hard work.

“Jensen is one of the hardest-working members in SGA, and if he keeps that up, he’s going to be just fine,” Satterfield said.

Joiner said he wants students to feel comfortable when they come to SGA meetings or visit the SGA office.

“I am 100 percent available for students on campus,” Joiner said. “When I get involved in an organization I like to give it 100 percent.”