Local music venues offer diverse music settings

In the birth town of W.C. Handy, finding good, live music does not take much effort. Florence is dotted with diverse music venues, hosting bands throughout the week, suiting the tastes of a myriad of musical buffs.

The end, a theater at 106 S. Pine Street, is an example of how diverse the musical culture can be in Florence. The end has displayed countless local artists as well as musicians from as far away as Italy.

Owner Scott Long said he takes pride in exposing the audience to new and unique sounds and giving local artists their debuts.

The end. has hosted artists such as The Sun. The Moon. (formerly Yesterday’s Remnants), a local Indie band and The World Circus Project, an experimental jazz group from London. The following bands are scheduled for March 7: Invisible Tear Drops, Chieftain and High Society.

One of the most popular genres in Florence is country, and FloBama Music Hall in downtown has that plus more. Located at 311 N. Court Street, FloBama focuses on music with a southern vibe, favoring country, rock and acoustic performers, indulging all generations.

This weekend the following artists performing are: 3 Wheel Drive, Angela Hacker and James LeBlanc, Ricky Young Band and Crashing Broadway. Karaoke night is every Tuesday, in case making fun of friends belting a Journey song at the top of their lungs is on the agenda.

Singin’ Brewing Co. has had artists such as Doc Dailey and Hannah Aldridge perform on scene. The next performances booked are in April by Valley Roots and then Daphne and the Mystery Machine.

On the Rocks is another music venue in the heart of downtown. Located at on Court Street, OTR focuses on a more standard, college vibe. It is a pub style bar and hosts mainly Shoals area artists, consisting primarily of forms of rock and mellow pop.

OTR displays artists like Trick Zipper, Harper and Midwest Kid and Rob Aldridge.

Champy’s Chicken, located at 120 2nd Street in Muscle Shoals, is a soul food restaurant and a venue for soul music. This location exclusively hosts blues artists. Champy’s Chicken first opened in Tennessee and was built around the feel that the blues genre emits and has been faithful to its nostalgic vibe since.

Scheduled to play this weekend is Diedra and the Ruff Pro Band and Matt Praetor.

Located at 116 E. Mobile St. is a new venue to the area. It has had a strong start, with solid performances by Daniel Elias + Exotic Dangers and The Pollies’ Jay Burgess. 116 E. Mobile also had Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins perform Feb. 26.