Be someone that makes you happy

Dustin Pollard

I love myself.

Yeah I know. It sounds like a very Kanye West thing to say. Saying I love myself may sound egotistical, but I promise it is not.

I was taught at a young age to treat others as I wanted to be treated.

Apparently, either I did not listen as a whippersnapper or I did not like myself, because I was a mean kid.

In middle school I once got into a fight after peeing on somebody’s shoe. I laugh at it now but I was not treating that guy how I wanted to be treated.

I was not treating anybody how I wanted to be treated.

Luckily, I grew up (my friends may deny this claim but do not listen to them! Come on, what do they know?).

And while growing up I learned to appreciate my abilities, interests and flaws.

I am a senior at UNA, a journalist, a librarian, paisano, a sports junkie and a rapper.

Yeah, that’s right. Dustin “Wicked P” Pollard spits bars. When T.I. comes to the spring concert I am giving him a copy of my mixtape.

I like shooting hoops in my throwback Tracy McGrady jersey while listening to Shakira’s angel-like voice with my amigos.

I have an obsession with sports, except when it comes to curling because sweeping on ice is not a sport.

I rap and dance to Latin pop music.

I can go ScHoolboy Q to Daddy Yankee real quick.

This is what makes me happy.

I also like foreign women. If they are ever timid to go out with me I can ask, “Have you ever been on a date with an American man before?” They will say “no,” and I will respond with, “Well neither have I.” Sixty percent of the time it works every time.

It sounds odd, like seeing Al Gore at a NASCAR event, but I do not live for other people’s approval.

Everybody is different.

I love being happy so I do what makes me happy, which I love.

Hopefully that sentence makes more sense than some of the Super Bowl commercials.

Love yourself and do what makes you happy.

We can all learn something from Kanye West, I suppose, just as long as it does not involve picking baby names.

I want to treat everybody how I want to be treated because I love myself.

This means I want a freestyle battle every time we see each other.

We can just remake the movie “8 Mile.”

Just kidding. But seriously, this Valentine’s Day remember to not just be with someone who makes you happy, but be someone who makes you happy.

In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “But what love got to do with it when you don’t love yourself?”