The Time of the Season

Senior Jarrod Vaughn and junior Sarah Welsh meet in the GUC Feb. 5. The UNA campus may not have many ideal date spots, but there are plenty of places for couples to relax.

There are so many different types of love. A parent’s love for his or her child, siblings’ love for each other or the love we have for our best friends. But in the month of February, there is a type of love that is a little bit different.

This type of love is the type you have for a girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse or partner. Several UNA couples are getting ready and planning this special day — Valentine’s Day.

There is so much planning, time and money spent on this one special day. Many couples enjoy staying in and watching a movie on Hulu or Netflix since being a college student can be financially difficult. Few couples do so-called “normal” things, such as going shopping, going to the movies and eating out. The only thing that matters to them is spending time with each other.

Some couples like to travel. Sophomore couple Michael Gullette and Vicki Chittams enjoy going to Nashville.

“We love to just get away from campus,” Chittams said.

Some couples do not celebrate Valentine’s Day like Americans do. This is the case for sophomore Colton McCormick and senior Carolyn Chien.

Chien is from Taiwan, and in her culture they celebrate Valentine’s Day three times per year. There is the standard Feb. 14 celebration followed by a separate event March 14 called White Valentine’s Day. This holiday is set aside for women to give a gift to men.

The third day of celebration is the Lunar Valentine’s Day, which is a festival during the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

There are many types of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to spend it with people or someone you love.