Sophomore softball pitcher ready for high expectations

Softball season is underway, and one of the preseason All Gulf South Conference team selects will be on the mound for the Lions again this spring.

Sophomore Hillary Carpenter led the Lions in wins and ERA last season on her way to becoming GSC pitcher of the year.

Carpenter said she contributes her success to short-term memory on the field and being able to keep herself in check.

“One big thing is showing no emotion on the field and staying level-headed,” Carpenter said. “As hard as it is for a pitcher coming back from a home run or a loss, you just have to forget about the last pitch and move on. There’s no reason to stay stuck in the past.”

“I started playing T-ball when I was four and moved up to softball when I was six. I guess my parents wanted me to (play) when I was little so my dad could coach me,” Carpenter said. “Once I got old enough I kept playing because I loved it.”

Carpenter’s dad was more than a coach and parent to her. He, along with her mother, is her hero.

“My dad is the hardest workingmen I have ever known,” she said. “And my mom, she’s the one who holds us all together and is the strongest person I know. She is my role model and the person I look up to the most.”

Sophomore catcher Carey Grace Peebles said the work ethic of Carpenter’s parents is similar to Hillary’s.

“(Carpenter’s) a selfless player, has a really good work ethic and doesn’t complain,” she said. “She just goes out and does her job, day in and day out.”

Carpenter is a talented athlete – she helped her high school team win four consecutive state championships – but softball is not the only thing she enjoys. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and boyfriend, going to church, watching TV and sleeping.