Feel Good Naked

“Feel Good Naked” buttons promoting body positivity were found on students’ shirts all over campus Feb. 23. The Women’s Center set up a booth in the GUC and passed out the buttons as part of their “Feel Good Naked” week.

As a woman, a body positive movement means a lot to me. Women (and men) are so often judged solely on the way they look and not as much the content of their character. I think we often forget men also have standards set by society that they feel pressured to live up to.

So what is a body positive movement? It is the chance to be proud of the fact we are all simply human with — not flaws in our appearance, but — distinctions that make us each unique. It is the opportunity to spread positivity about our bodies and show others they are beautiful the way they are.

UNA’s Women’s Center worked to spread these positive notions by hosting “Feel Good Naked Week”, a part of National Eating Disorders Week. Volunteers from the Women’s Center set up a booth in the GUC Feb. 23 and handed out buttons to students with the words “Feel Good Naked” printed on them. Although it was hosted by the Women’s Center, it did not discourage both women and men from approaching the table and grabbing a button and some positive encouragement about loving their bodies.

The table was set up from 10 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. for students to stop by at their leisure. They also provided information about eating disorders and how to get help. The movement to spread body positivity at UNA did not stop there. The week of Feb. 23 was packed with positive connections and activities to promote a happy body and self-love, such as a henna party and a scale-smashing event.

With the help of the Women’s Center and the student body, we as a campus can help to promote body positivity with happy attitudes toward others and a good image of ourselves for both women and men.

Just remember: True beauty begins with the way we think. You are not flawed or imperfect. You are beautiful with every stretch mark, every freckle, and every stray hair. Do not let the impossible standards of Hollywood determine your self-love. Together we can be body positive.