Students should focus on more than school and work

Jasmine Fleming

Last semester, I began working two jobs I enjoy, and I also met my academic goals. I was often tired, but it seemed worth it until I realized something was missing.

My first semester, I was a member of two RSOs. About a month into my third semester, I realized I was unable to attend meetings for either. I remember wondering what I could do to stay involved, and I even contacted the president of one of the organizations. She told me we could figure something out, and for a week, I attempted to make that work.

I figured out that even if I was a member on paper, I still did not feel like one. I was not at meetings, I did not get to help plan any events and I did not have the time to participate in anything the groups did.

I left both of the organizations, but it did not hit me until the semester was almost over. I never noticed how important being involved in campus organizations was to me until I no longer was.

Not only did I neglect my commitments to these RSOs, but I also neglected my family and many of my friends. I can remember how few times I saw some of my closest friends last semester. I was either in class, working, studying or sleeping, and I felt like those were valid enough excuses for me not to feel guilty.

I also did not see my family until Thanksgiving break in November. Considering I only live two hours away, I feel like I could have gone home more.

Over Christmas break, I thought a lot about how my semester went. I would say the reason I became so uninvolved was because I am busier than most, but that is not true. I know far too many students doing much more than me, and they still manage to remember what is important.

Although I do not make New Year’s resolutions, I did have a goal this year — to spend more time with friends and family. Although studying and working are important, they are not as important as appreciating the people who choose to be in my life.

I also decided to join another RSO this semester. I am still looking for one that fits in my schedule, but I am confident I will.

If you are someone who finds you have no time to spend with people or organizations that matter to you, then it is a good idea to reprioritize your time. It is up to everyone to decide the best way to spend his or her time, but remember there is more to life than school and work.