Florence should focus on resolving infrastructure issues

by Blake Bean

In the world we live in today, everyone relies on transportation. The most common and efficient form of transportation is driving your car. Driving your car is an everyday thing for most people. Most everyone has to get up in the morning and has something planned for the day that includes driving. Unfortunately, sometimes people can be driving too fast because they are late to work. Other times, people may be texting and driving. These things all are major causes of wrecks. You cannot do much to help people from texting and driving or speeding, but you can help prevent them in a way.

I haven’t been living in Florence long, but it didn’t take me long at all to realize that the roads all over town are really narrow. I am always pushed for space on these roads, especially when I’m driving along side another car. I was driving through town a few days ago and almost hit a parked car on the side of the road. At the time I couldn’t get in the other lane because of another car, so I just hoped I wouldn’t hit this car. I drove by and narrowly missed. Another really narrow spot in town is on North Wood Avenue after you pass the college dorms heading to Lil’ Steves. This part of the road is super narrow and has turns on it where you have to be super cautious not to accidently merge into the other lane.

If the lanes around town would be just a little bit wider, maybe this could prevent future wrecks from happening. It would give drivers on the road more room to have an error instead of the little room they have now. It may take some time and some money, but in the end, spending that extra time and money would all be worth it if it meant that a wreck was avoided due to wider roads.