Top charting trivia game sweeps phones across globe

Every few months a new game comes out, shaking up the App Store and stealing people’s available time. This time around it happens to be Trivia Crack. Being an avid player since September, I will admit I am one of many Trivia ‘Crackheads.’

Trivia Crack was released Oct. 26, 2013. When first released, the app was only available in Latin America. It was created by Etermax, located in Argentina. In December of 2014, not only did the game become available in 10 different languages, it also became the most downloaded game in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The game is very simple. The player can either play against a Facebook friend or someone at random. Once the game is started, the player spins the wheel and answers a question from one of the following categories: entertainment, art, science, history, geography or sports. If the answer is correct, the wheel is spun again. If the answer is wrong, it is now the opponent’s turn.

If the player lands on the crown piece he or she will be allowed to choose the game piece they want to earn.

When the game is won, three coins are given to the player. These coins can be used on a number of cheats.

Adding 15 seconds is the cheapest cheat, only costing one coin. Having the ability to skip the question is only three coins. The last two cheats both cost five coins. One allows the player to get rid of two of the wrong answers. The second option gives the player a second chance. This means that if the player chooses one of the wrong answers after choosing this cheat, then the player can pick again.

Only one cheat can be used per question. The cheat has to be used before the question is answered or before the time runs out.

I love the game, but one of the biggest problems I have is you need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use it. This is fine when I am at school, but when I go home, there is no Wi-Fi. This is extremely problematic when I am in the middle of a game. If the player does not respond within two days, it is seen as a loss. I try to avoid this, but I like it when the other player fails to respond, especially when they were in the lead.

Not only can coins be earned by winning games, but also by accomplishing achievements. Every achievement has a different level of reward, but every coin received helps. But, if the player really wants coins, he or she can easily buy them by purchasing them through the app.

The game also keeps track of how the player ranks with his or her friends, how many games the player has won and lost, and the challenges they have completed.

A major benefit of this game is it allows the player to review material he or she learned in school. I have come across many questions in both history and science I learned in school. It is a perfect game for review. The downside of this is when I come across a question that I should know, and I get it wrong, I tend to feel very dumb.

This game is perfect for people who are competitive or like to show off their knowledge.