Senior forward wants to finish with no regrets

Senior forward Marcus Landry prepares to shoot a free throw against Christian Brothers Unviersity Jan. 10. Landry came back this year after leaving following the 2010-11 season.

Everybody has regrets, but not everybody gets the opportunity to amend those regrets.

Senior Marcus Landry got the opportunity to make peace as he decided to return to the basketball team this year after leaving the program following the 2010-11 season.

“Every time I saw college basketball on TV I would get so mad and just turn it off,” Landry said. “Quitting is my biggest regret, so I wanted to comeback and finish what I started here. Now I’m more mature and more of a leader to my teammates.”

The forward left the team before his final season due to personal reasons, he said.

Landry, now married with three children, said raising a family played a big part in getting refocused with his life.

“It’s been tough because my family is 16 hours away in Hayes Center, Nebraska, but I was willing to make the sacrifice so my family can have a better future,” he said.

The 6’5” 220 pound forward is averaging 8.9 points and 8.2 rebounds per game this season. He was an All-Gulf South Conference selection his junior season after putting up 12.7 points and 7.4 rebounds per game.

“I think I’m right on level of where I was before I left,” Landry said. “I’m still getting better as the season goes on. We all just have to get better each and every day.”

Coming back to playing basketball is no walk in the park for Landry as he says getting into playing shape is a long road.

“I’m still working on it because I want to be able to play for longer minutes,” he said. “Once I get in foul trouble, I get more tired. But it’s coming along.”

Coach Bobby Champagne said bringing Landry back has helped ease the transition of losing four seniors from a year ago.

“We needed a guy with an inside presence and to go get a rebound,” he said. “He plays hard and brings a lot of energy to the game. I’m glad to see he is refocused on and off the court.”

Landry said he embraces being the high-energy player on the team.

“I always try to bring a lot energy to the game and in practice,” he said. “I was really quiet when I played here earlier and didn’t’ really talk to anybody. Now I always to my teammates and I’m always screaming at people to get hyped. This is my last year so I’m going all out.”

Champagne said it is nice to have a veteran guy on the team that is vocal.

“He’s a lot more vocal now than when he was first playing here and has done well in his leadership role,” he said.