Students can support during international crises

Kali Daniel

There has always been suffering and there always will be. But, as I scroll through my social media news feeds, I cannot help but feel sad and, well, helpless.

Amidst the hashtags, opinions and overall unrest, Ferguson is one of the — but certainly not the only — places that need our help. Egypt still faces difficulties in democracy since the Arab Spring. Thailand riots against political unrest resulting from years of corruption. Hong Kong rebels against Chinese delegation of political leaders. Mexico. Palestine. Brazil. Nigeria.

This does not even begin to touch the unrest going on in this world. Whether I believe in what these people are fighting for is irrelevant, because as an American I believe in everyone’s right to fight for what they believe in, as cheesy as that sounds. I support their cause, and I support them.

I encourage everyone, in the spirit of giving — regardless of whether or not you believe in Christmas or Hanukkah or any other holiday — to treat others with kindness. Know that you may not be able to understand what they are going through, but know you can show you support them in fighting their grief.

These websites offer numerous ways you can help others:

  • Twitter – send @Cards4Ferguson; Tweet a cup of coffee to someone by linking your Twitter with your Starbucks account.
  • GoPetition — There are hundreds of thousands of petitions you can sign for causes around the world. Take the time to research and find something you, too, are passionate about.
  • GoFundMe – Offers numerous ways to help those struggling in times of crises.
  • Asia Foundation — this organization opts to better the lives of children and poverty-stricken areas around Asia, from the Arabian Peninsula to Indonesia.
  • Africare — by purchasing T-shirts or donating you can help this organization educate the continent about agriculture and health. Current efforts work to cease the spread of Ebola.

I know I probably sound like I just got home from Woodstock, but I truly believe that what more of the world needs right now is love. And who better to give love than you?