Short shows offer binge watching experience

After crying your way through all-nighters, eating your weight in pizza and completing your exams, you have the joy of returning home for four solid weeks. Vacation means watching Netflix guilt-free — no more distractions like schoolwork. The following shows have only one or two seasons on Netflix, and offer a binge-watching experience that will be interrupted only by five-minute breaks for food, bathroom breaks or occasional naps.


We all know the age-old story of the witches in Salem and the hunts that caused the deaths of innocents. This one-season show offers a twist on the infamous tale, tying together magic, darkness and love. Captain John Alden wanders home after seven years of war, returning for his teenage love who has since remarried and become the wealthiest woman in Salem — with a secret.


Australian comedian Jim Jefferies (as himself) works closely with Billy Nugent, a young man with muscular distrophy, by setting the ultimate goal: getting Billy laid. With arguments from Billy’s mother and Billy’s older brother, Steve (who also happens to be Jim’s best friend), Jim must find a way to help Billy embrace his natural sexuality while giving him the privacy every person deserves.


Hank Dolworth, an ex-cop and recovering alcoholic, partners with ex-con Britt Pollack to bring down suspicious criminals in a private investigator fashion. Dealing with personal issues (like Dolworth’s divorce) and financial issues on behalf of both private investigators, their largest struggles come not from the evil-doers they pursue, but from the problems they have made for themselves.


Judd Apatow knows young adults — at least, he knew what today’s young adults would deal with over a decade ago. Clearly ahead of his time, the creator of “Freaks and Geeks” offers a peek inside the life of fresh-out-of-high-school Steven Karp, who wants to enjoy college and all the perks it entails. He and his good friends Lloyd and Ron deal with the drama of girls, parents and ultimately, each other.