3 UNA football players arrested on alcohol-related charges

Three UNA football players were arrested on alcohol-related charges early Sunday morning, officials said.

Luke W. Wingo, 20, 714 Willingham Road, Florence, Griffin M. McCarley, 19, 1541 Helton Drive, Florence, and Wilson T. Lovelace, 19, 358 Kingston Drive, Florence, were arrested on the charge of a minor in possession of alcohol, police said.

They were arrested for the misdemeanor charges at the Willingham Road residence, according to reports.

Wingo, a junior, has been the Lions starting quarterback since the end of the 2012 season. He passed for 1,630 yards and 11 touchdowns this season, despite missing two games due to a shoulder injury.

Lovelace, a freshman, is the starting long snapper for the Lions.

Freshman linebacker McCarley has not seen playing time this season.

“The student-athletes brought the arrest to our attention,” said Athletic Director Mark Linder. “We are going to handle it internally.”

Linder said the players will not be suspended from the team.

He said any time players are charged with a misdemeanor, they are not suspended.

“Obviously, I’m disappointed that this occurred,” said head coach Bobby Wallace. “Luke will start this Thursday, and so will Lovelace.”

Linder said he acknowledges the players made a mistake.

“Obviously we are disappointed, but it’s our job to help them learn from their mistakes and move forward, so we will do that.”