Local enthusiasts choose Marvel over DC

Marvel Comics and DC Comics, the top two providers of comic book heroes and their film and TV adaptations, are often compared by fans. According to students and experts, Marvel is more enjoyable.

Pegasus Records employee and UNA student Austin DeCourley said it is difficult to compare the company’s comic books because they are so different.

“DC goes for a darker approach in everything,” DeCourley said. “Marvel puts more humor in its stories. Marvel is more presented in a fantasy sort of way, and DC takes on a more realistic approach.”

Jeremy Edwards, a comic book enthusiast from Walnut, Mississippi, disagreed. He said Marvel Comics has the best heroes because they are realistic and grounded.

“Marvel is set in real cities, and their characters have flaws,” he said. “Iron Man was an alcoholic, and Spider-Man was a nerd. DC didn’t begin having flawed characters until after Marvel did.”

When looking at movies, Marvel is the winner, DeCourley said.

“If you look at sales, the Marvel movies do well,” he said. “The only DC movies that do well are the “Dark Night” movies. The “Green Lantern” movie did terrible, and “Man of Steel” didn’t do that well.”

Junior Kamilah Abernathy said Marvel movies are enjoyed more because of their simplicity.

“DC has too many heroes, too many sidekicks and too many story lines,” she said. “Marvel has a pretty clear and simple setup. The characters are more straightforward.”

When comparing TV series, DC Universe wins out, DeCourley said.

“DC does TV better because the shows “Arrow” and “(The) Flash” are enjoyed by audiences,” he said. “People also really enjoy “Gotham.” The Marvel show, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, isn’t as well-liked.”

Cody McGowan, a junior, said DC’s TV shows make them a better option than Marvel.

“There is a lot of variety in the shows, and they are all unique and interesting. DC has so many story lines that you can get into,” he said.

Freshman Trevor Kurzhal said more people enjoy Marvel because of its highly-rated films.

“I think most people prefer Marvel because their most popular stuff has been put in the movie format,” he said. “People view comics and graphic novels as something nerdy and weird. If it’s brought into cinema, a new light is shined on it, and it can be expanded to a new audience.”

Darren Rich, a long-time comic book fan from Glen, Mississippi, said Marvel is more successful because of character development.

“Marvel establishes individual heroes and then puts them in a team environment, whereas DC is doing teams and then establishes their individuality,” he said.