Life in LaGrange

Kamilah Abernathy plays at the pool table in the LaGrange Hall common area. The area also has tables where students can eat and study, and a computer lab and a Ping Pong table.

Whether it be working in the laundry room or playing pool, living in LaGrange Hall has unique benefits for its female-exclusive residents.

I would argue because of the gender selectivity, LaGrange brings an atmosphere of trust and understanding between the ladies living there. In my experience, LaGrange has a sense of community that brings all the girls together.

Freshman Allison Farris explained “in (LaGrange) you can walk around and not have to worry about looking nice. Nobody will judge you.”

This sense of trust and stability also benefits late-night study groups or last-minute paper-writers.

“(LaGrange is) quiet for the most part, and the people are easy-going,” said resident Tayler Hunt. “Everyone does their own thing, which is helpful when you’re trying to get work done.”

The friendly gestures and all-over good-natured feeling of the residence hall do not only extend to its mostly quiet and relaxing atmosphere, but carries on into Harry Potter marathons and playing pool in the game room.

I have found friendships, fun times and peace are a part of students’ everyday lives at LaGrange. Granted, there will always be those few noisy people that stumble in at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday or the messy roommate that you never see.

At the end of the day, the peaceful place to study combined with an easy-going community environment can easily overshadow the cons of life in a college dorm.