Christmas break trip offers skiing, snowboarding adventure

Becoming the next snowboarding phenomenon like Shaun White is never too late, because the Outdoor Adventure Center is allowing students to hone their skills during Christmas break.

The OAC is going to French Swiss Rentals in North Carolina Dec. 31 – Jan. 3 on a skiing and snowboarding trip, and all students, staff and faculty can go.

Outdoor Adventures and Special Events Coordinator McKenzie Martin said the main appeal to the trip is obviously skiing and snowboarding, but to also meet students from other universities.

“It’s a big college-oriented ski mountain and they have midnight skiing everyday so it’s a lot of fun for everybody,” she said. “Here in Alabama we don’t have ski opportunities, and we certainly don’t have skiing opportunities for this price.”

Junior Andrew Kerstiens went last year and said he is definitely going again.

“It’s fun because we got to snowboard and chill all day,” he said. “And on New Year’s they have a huge fireworks show for all of us.”

The cost for the trip depends on how many people go, and the more people go the cheaper it will be, ranging from $308 to $570.

“It’s crazy cheap to go skiing and snowboarding for four days,” Martin said. “It includes your transportation, ski lift tickets, equipment rental and lodging.”

Martin said the only additional costs would be if students want to use the trip for a one-hour class credit for the spring semester.

“I think it’s really cool that UNA offers it as a class,” Kerstiens said. “With the money you pay and the instructor you get, it’s a good deal.”

The courses are snow skiing HPE 150 and snowboarding HPE 151.

“They’ve been trying to make this class for 10 years,” Martin said. “Last year was the first time we did the trip, and I knew that once people went and once people saw photos from it then the trip would catch on.”

Martin also said students who have never been snowboarding or skiing should not be timid about going because students can rank themselves based on ability.

“Last year we had four beginners and two intermediate to advance (skiers and snowboarders),” she said. “They basically split you up into instructors that way.”

The first interest meeting for the trip is Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. at the OAC, located on 216 W. Irvine Ave.

“If you even have an inkling of an idea about going you should show up and get more information (about the trip),” Martin said.