Senate offers students incentive to attend town hall

SGA Senate will host a town hall-style meeting Oct. 28 where local political candidates will speak and take questions from the audience.

The meeting, which is open only to UNA students, will be in GUC Banquet Hall A from 5-6 p.m.

During their Oct. 16 meeting, senators approved spending $129.98 to purchase a Keurig coffee maker to be given away as a door prize.

“The purpose is to give the UNA students a chance to hear first hand, from local candidates, the issues at hand in this election,” said Legislative Affairs chairman Alec Prince, who is in charge of the town hall event, “specifically issues that directly affect students, such as: tuition rates and the job market.”

The candidates will each have a chance to speak briefly at the beginning, followed by a question and answer session that will last the majority of the meeting.

Republicans Tiim Melson, candidate for Alabama Senate District 1 and Mo Brooks, representative of District 5 will be in attendance. Independent Mark Bray, running for District 5 will also attend, as well as Larry Stutts, a republican, who is running for the District 6 position against Sen. Roger Bedford.

He said he believes offering an incentive will likely attract more students to the event.

“We are all college students who love our coffee,” he said. “This will help get students to the event who may not be interested in politics.”

Senator Laura Giles said she is optimistic about the incentive’s effectiveness.

“It is a marketing tool that we haven’t tried before. I think we should see how it works,” said Giles, who abstained from voting on the spending bill.