SGA Senate involves students in campus projects

SGA Senate will launch a new campaign this month to take student ideas and put them into action on campus.

The Mane Idea Campaign allows students to submit ideas for SGA projects and goals for the year via the SGA website, according to a resolution passed by Senate at its Sept. 25 meeting.

“The purpose of the campaign is to get student input and feedback,” said Student Welfare Committee Chairwoman Nikki Messer.

Student comments should be sent through the suggestion box on the SGA website for the remainder of the 2014-15 year, Messer said.

Students will need to provide a brief statement entailing, “how they want the project to go or what they expect the outcome to be,” said Student Welfare Committee member Nicole Gallups.

Student Sabrina Hudgins said the campaign is a great way for students to put ideas into actions.

“I think it’s a good idea because people who are not members of SGA have ideas to share,” Hudgins said.

The Student Welfare Committee will consider the ideas submitted, select the idea they believe is the most innovative, then SGA will put the idea into action, Messer said.

The student who submitted the idea will earn a “monetary value or prize,” according to the resolution.

After an idea is selected, SGA Senate will assign the idea to a committee to work on implementation, Messer said.

She said the student who suggested the idea is encouraged to work with the SGA committee to see the idea through, although it is not required.

The student will receive updates on the status of the project from the respective committee, she said.

“We’re not looking for a super elaborate proposal or plan or several pages of research from the student,” Messer said. “We’re simply looking to better student involvement.”

Student Rahsaun Fletcher said he thinks giving students the opportunity to submit ideas online will allow for inclusion of all students’ input.

“I think there are not enough things on campus geared towards the minority population,” Fletcher said. “I think this is a great idea to help improve our campus.”

Fletcher offered suggestions for SGA’s projects including improving basic maintenance and implementing new campus-wide events.

Messer said she encourages students to get involved in the program to make UNA a better place.

“We’re looking for some good competition among the students and some new innovative ideas,” she said.

She said if the campaign is successful SGA will likely continue it in future years.

The Student Welfare Committee also partnered with the University Program Council Spirit Committee to gain student feedback through the SGA Swag Wagon every Friday there is a home football game.

SGA members drive golf carts across campus and escort students to class.

“We’re giving students a ride to class in exchange for getting their feedback,” Messer said. “We are also giving out SGA swag items to students who are wearing UNA attire on campus.”

She said the goal of the project is to encourage students to increase school spirit by wearing campus colors on game days.

After football season ends, she said, the goal is to choose one day per week to drive the Swag Wagons around campus.