Writer reviews ‘Red Band Society’

darker earlier, and television gets its yearly revival. This fall, Red Band Society will make viewers grateful for their health and nostalgic for their youth.

“Red Band Society” takes place in Ocean Park Hospital in sunny Los Angeles and follows the lives of six teenagers residing in the hospital. It includes the lives of the doctor and nurses caring for them.

Charlie, a sassy 12-year-old boy in a coma, narrates the show. Though he has not met any of the other patients, he considers them his friends, introducing the audience to them and the staff.

The audience is first introduced to Leo Roth, a former soccer player who was diagnosed with cancer but is currently in rehab. Then there is Emma Chota, who is anorexic, and Leo’s former girlfriend. Next, there is Dash Hosney. His Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis does not stop him from flirting with the ladies and breaking the rules.

Finally, there are the two newest patients, Kara Souders and Jordi Palacios. Kara was diagnosed with an enlarged heart after falling off a cheerleading pyramid. Leo’s roommate, Jordi, who came in completely alone, was diagnosed with cancer.

The interactions between each of the characters are interesting, considering how often they flip-flop between emotions. Kara is cruel, but still treats the other patients with kindness. Though it is typical teenage behavior, it makes me wonder what happened to her.

The most prominent doctor on the show is Adam McAndrew, the best pediatric surgeon in the country. He is extremely kind and takes the time to chat with each of his patients.

McAndrew is perfectly complimented by Nurse Jackson. She is a fierce, sarcastic, and at times, mean woman. However, she loves all of the patients in her own way.

I love the cast and though they are young, they are able to give real and honest performances. This helps viewers really become in tune with the show and all that is has to offer.

One of the few things I am not sure about it the reality of the events occurring on Red Band Society. I question the plausibility of the events happening in real life. Things ranging from drug abuse to leaving the hospital without any staff knowing make it incredibly hard to for viewers to find the correlation with reality.

Although the show lacks authenticity in my opinion, it is still great.

Each episode strengthens the bond between friends, whether it be in relationships or medical tensions.

The show has been compared to Glee, and while they have different premises, both shows do start off by following six teenagers in the location where they spend a majority of their time.

Red Band Society is an amazing drama/comedy that has twists and turns in every episode. This is one fall show TV mavens will not want to miss.

Red Band Society airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX.