Students share roommate horror stories

It is common for students who live on campus to experience their fair share of roommate conflicts. These conflicts can range from something as simple as opposing taste in music to more drastic occurrences like stolen goods.

Junior Patrick Yadao said he sees his room as a place where he is the most comfortable.

“I’m having some personal trouble because I see my room as a safe haven — a place where I can relax, be quiet, study, sleep and read a book,” he said. “My roommate has a different opinion on how the room is going to be. He has a lot of friends over all the time and constantly wants to talk to me.”

Dealing with roommates is part of the college experience, Yadao said.

Freshman Ashlyn Ishee said she was unable to find a morning routine that worked well for herself and her roommate.

Things like blow drying hair in the room, turning on lights in the morning and making noise when shutting drawers can cause rifts between roommates, she said.

“She thinks that everything is okay, but goes around telling other people that I’ve disturbed her and made her cry,” Ishee said.

She said when she went to discuss the situation with her resident assistant, she made Ishnee and her roommate sit down and talk about their differences.

Though freshman June Howard only shared a room with her first roommate for four weeks, she said there were issues from the start.

“She would come back into my room about 3 a.m. and turn on the television really loud,” she said. “She would also bring in people who would be smoking, and we never talked about agreeing on letting people in.”

Howard said her most horrific roommate experience happened later.

“One night she came in and did her normal noisy routine at the same hour, but then I heard another knock at the door,” she said. “She brought a boy in with her and had sex while I was in bed.”

Junior LaDarius Prince said his belongings were stolen when his roommate consistently left the door unlocked.

“I had my TV stolen, my watch stolen and my laptop stolen, but I was able to find my laptop,” he said.

“It was actually in the middle of the hallway because the guy who stole it forgot you need a password.”

While living in the residence halls, Prince said other residents harassed him for being gay.

“I had people pour beer down in my door or throw white powder, and put skittles in my bed set,” he said.