Nick Lang and KeKoria Greer laugh as they are crowned homecoming king and queen Oct. 4.

Intensity is the word that comes to mind when I think of Saturday night’s football game. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Before our departure, the photographers were briefed and geared and I gulped down my nerves with determination.

Upon arriving, we were ushered onto the playing field and given directions where we were allowed to work. My anxiety seemed to intensify tenfold when I realized in order to capture the game I was to weave, dig and run about the field to get the shot.

This opened my eyes to the true enthusiasm of people and sports. As I photographed fans and cheerleaders, and worked alongside coaches and referees I was enveloped in their enthusiasm for the game. It was an intimidating factor in the beginning, although as I worked, it was a battle and a display of passion. This reverence for the game was also equal to the high emotions of the crowning ceremony.

As a photographer, it is essential I capture the essence of emotion without a narrative. Sometimes this can be difficult. However, the Homecoming crowning was not. Hopes were high, breaths were held, and the event was the peak of weeks of tiring efforts.

Nick Lang and KeKoria Greer were crowned homecoming king and queen. Their smiles, near-tears and obvious splendor made capturing the moment an easy job. The elegance and good sportsmanship of the fellow nominees are worth praising. Everyone was truly happy for the crowned pair — thus echoing the epitome of what it means to be an example.

Another admirable example was the band. Through their routine and beautifully executed performance, the enthusiasm for what they did was evident and easy to capture. I was eager and beyond impressed as I photographed their vigilance and determination through the chill of the night.

Overall my excitement won through the apprehension, and I was honored to be a part of a night that stunningly illustrated the meaning of intensity, passion, sportsmanship and the simple love of a game.