SGA seeks departmental help with beautification of Amphitheater

Memorial Amphitheater

Students have expressed concerns with the appearance of one of the centerpieces of campus.

SGA members said since last year they have attempted to contact Facilities Administration and Planning to request the Memorial Amphitheater be cleaned.

“SGA has contacted facilities about our concerns,” said SGA senator Mollie Schaefer. “I emailed and called facilities but they were putting up The Commons at this time, so I understand their hands being busy.”

Schaefer said when she was on Freshman Forum last year she served as Student Welfare Committee Chairwoman, and one of the goals they established was to improve campus beauty.

“Facilities should help because they should back the students who are trying to make campus look better,” said freshman Daeshia Smith. “High school students are coming to visit campus now who might come to UNA next year, so it needs to look better.”

Schaefer said the organization discussed washing the Amphitheater last year using a pressure washer owned by an SGA member.

But, because they could not contact the maintenance crew, plans were put on hold, she said.

The organization continued its efforts with the beginning of the new school year.

Senate Vice President Nick Lang announced during a September meeting he made initial contact with Assistant Vice President for Facilities Administration and Planning Michael Gautney via email.

However, Lang later reported he had not been able to reach Gautney since.

Along with cleaning the Amphitheater, students expressed concerns about updating other surrounding features.

“They should get new benches and clean the area around the Amphitheater,” said sophomore James Carr. “It would make the whole place look better and attract new students.”

Sophomore Jared Collier said he thinks the updating of the benches by the Amphitheater would also benefit current students.

“I never sit on the ones there now because you feel unclean sitting on them,” Collier said. “I can’t imagine it would be significantly costly, and I think people would appreciate it.”

Schaefer said SGA is also working to develop a plan for replacing the benches.

“None have been purchased, although research for the best prices has taken place,” she said.

Aside from the benches, the cost of and cleaning the amphitheater will be little to none, she said.

Editor’s note: Facilities Beat Writer Natalie Bee attempted to contact Assistant Vice President for Facilities Administration and Planning Michael Gautney via email and phone for two weeks prior to publication; however, he was unavailable for comment.