Students discuss impact of leaking nudes

Nude photo leaking

As thousands of Snapchat photos are hacked and large numbers of celebrities’ nude photos are leaked, one thing is evident: revenge porn is on the rise.

Revenge porn is posting naked photographs of people online, without their consent. This act is notoriously performed by exes.

“Revenge porn is a big thing,” said Chris Connolly, district attorney for Lauderdale County.

Alabama does not have any laws against posting nude photos of a person 17 years of age or older, Connolly said. He said, however, “It is the trend in the country where legislatures are passing criminal statutes for revenge porn.

“We’re still behind the technology in our state with that,” he said. “We don’t have any (laws) for hacking and seeking someone’s personal private photos yet.”

Though Alabama state law does not have any legislation against this issue, there may still be consequences for leaking another person’s explicit photos without consent.

“You can still have civil consequences for it,” Connolly said. “It would be some type of invasion of privacy civil litigation.”

Sophomore Emily Murphy said she thinks having nude photographs passed around of a person without their consent can severely damage his or her reputation.

“If it’s local and it’s someone you go to class with, they don’t have a publicist trying to kill the rumors. You have to handle it yourself,” she said. “In high school, that is fuel for people to attack you. With celebrities, they have a barrier between them and the public, but in high school, that barrier doesn’t exist.”

Students have varying opinions on leaking celebrity nudes.

“It shows people that these celebrities aren’t perfect,” said Freshman Trevor Kurzhal. “It’s something that society holds celebrities to a higher standard because they’re in the spotlight and are expected to be perfect. People want to see perfect people falter.”

When celebrities’ nudes are leaked, it brings them down a notch and makes them seem more human, Murphy said.

Sophomore Mikesha Evans said she has several theories on nude leaks.

“Celebrities leak them to get money or to make sure they stay in the spotlight,” she said. “Other people leak them to make the celebrities feel bad about what they have done or to try to get attention or even for revenge.”

Murphy said she thinks the leaking of nude photos has become less scandalous than it was in the past.

“It’s happened so many times that people are sort of becoming desensitized to it now,” Murphy said.

Junior Lee Troup said he thinks men are more likely to release nude pictures of women.

No matter who is leaking them, photos are still being put out onto the Internet without proper consent.

“When the youth start seeing this stuff in the media, they start to think that they can do it and become famous,” Evans said.

Even though nude photos are being exposed to young people earlier, the debate over their acceptability in society remains.

“No, not at all,” Troup said. “I believe maybe it’s coming to a point where people are just going to expect it to happen, and maybe it won’t be as large of an impact as it is having at the moment.”